Palindrome, mon amour

Film device in loop, 2013

An exhibition about “Love” from the H.E.A.R. school at the
F.R.A.C. Alsace in the seminar “Arts, Science and
Society” group No Name.

This piece compares with balance, two projections
filmed, which in meeting merely circling one far from the

I created another space-time through this window

in between crossed loves.
On the other hand I enjoy

this famous story so well told by Platon in “Le Banquet”
which offers us a different vision of the love source.
Here very quickly, he claims that we once were a kind
of entity four legs, four arms, four eyes and two sexes,
some gods have halved this species will therefore ordered
to pick up his half.

In this idea, I try to reconnected them.


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