10 min, 2015

An exhibition which relates the theme "Myths and Anticipation" 
at C.R.A.C. Alsace in the framework of the seminar
"Arts, Sciences and Society" directed by the group No name
of the H.E.A.R. of Strasbourg
Davaï is a short-movie that plays with an unexpected
Russian family, where they infiltrated my frame during a film study
I was undertaking in Baden-Baden.
On the penultimate floor of the ruin, the strange spectacle of this family, 
admiring only a few moments the landscape, indulged in posing in this setting.
A coin or two was enough to pay the panoramic view to see further.
From there, they could then see in the distance
their oldest ancestors, a Nasique monkey,
who has the distinction of having a huge nose that keeps growing.
For ten long minutes, they offered a nice tribute to Narcisse
capturing in all angles in photos.
In memory of an underground birth, towards a cosmic poetry,
time takes hold of the terrestrial stages.
In the travels of a tragic parody, far from Vaganova's method of classical ballet,
ruin beat its emptiness. on the edge of the world, men in a state of vertigo,
with a hail of bullet, dominated the horizon.



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